Can Picafort attracts a great number of cyclists, for whom a velodrome may well be appealing. | S. Amengual


The project to build a hotel with velodrome in Son Baulo (Can Picafort) is beginning to look more likely. Santa Margalida's mayor, Joan Monjo, is proposing a scheme - involving some complex issues of urban planning - whereby the land that builder Vicenç Grande has wanted to use for the hotel will become a municipal asset without the town hall paying for it.

The plan for the velodrome hotel on land of 275,000 square metres is linked to a reclassification of the Grande land and other land in "sector eleven" of Can Picafort, which is well back from the beach and by the Santa Eulalia avenue (which is the road along which Viva have two large complexes).

In sector eleven, there are various plots on which hotels could be built. The total land - 65,000 square metres - includes 25,000 which currently belong to the town hall. This would be given to Grande in return for the Son Baulo site being ceded to the town hall.

Monjo called a meeting yesterday so that explanations could be given to political parties at the town hall. Assuming there is support, then the Council of Majorca would have to ratify the projects. The mayor has described the Grande project as creating a large "green lung" and sports facilities for Can Picafort.