Car parking in the centre of the Paseo Marítimo will go. | Joan Torres


The cost of remodelling a stretch of Palma's Paseo Marítimo between the auditorium and the calle Monseñor Palmer will be met by the Balearic Ports Authority. Deputy mayor for the model of the city Antoni Noguera observes that there is an "historical deficit" in that the town hall has been paying for its maintenance at a cost of 400,000 euros per annum. The ports authority has agreed that it will undertake some investments.

The aims of the remodelling, which is currently being finalised with the authority, are to pacify traffic and to gain additional space for pedestrians. This will be achieved by eliminating one lane of traffic in both directions and by widening the pavement on the buildings' side of the road. In addition, the central reservation in front of the auditorium, currently used for car parking, will go. The four lanes of traffic (two in each direction) that will remain will go into the space for the current three lanes on the sea side of the road.

The changes will mean a loss of a number of car parking spaces. Joan Riera, the town hall's manager of urban planning, says that the car park in the calle Marqués de Cenia - which doesn't typically get full - could accommodate these spaces. There could also be side sections for parking at an angle.

Noguera says that the finalised project will be presented to all interested parties next month and that by Easter it will be ready.