Creating the trench for the desalinated water pipework. | M. Nadal

By the end of next month, Inca will be able to draw on desalinated water from Sa Marineta (Llubi). The regional government's water agency, Abaqua, has started work to connect the acquifer to the municipal water network in order that supplies can be guaranteed in the event there is any breakdown with the wells that supply Inca.

Installing the pipework has meant that the old roads from Muro and Llubi have had to be closed. A trench has been dug in order to lay the pipework from Sa Marineta. The work is the result of an agreement between the town hall and the environment ministry, the latter taking care of the work in exchange for the town using a minimum of 20,000 cubic metres a year. The price of this will be 0.70 euros per cubic metre in winter and up to one euro in summer.

Inca's environment councillor, Ángle Garcia, says that the work is very necessary and obviously so as the current pipes don't connect. Once they do, there will be desalinated supply for the summer and a backup for winter in case there is a problem with the Ses Tanques and Son Fiol storage tanks, which are the main sources of supply.

The cost of the current work is 120,000 euros, but there is a further and more ambitious project that the town hall needs to undertake for a pipe that connects with the new one currently being laid. The cost of this is put at just over one million euros. It had been proposed for tourist tax revenue funding but was rejected. Garcia says that it is essential and so intends to include it among municipal sustainable investment projects.