Might British tourists, such as these who came with Jet2 in February last year, have to pay for their travel?

11-02-2016Humphrey Carter

British immigration minister Robert Goodwill reportedly told fellow members of parliament that the EU was considering adopting a version of America’s Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (Esta), but it is too early to know whether this would also apply to Britons after withdrawal.

The Esta costs £11 and enables British tourists to go to the US for less than 90 days without a visa, but is required even if visitors are only passing through the US in transit. Alan Brown, SNP member of the European Scrutiny Committee, told the minister that Leave advocates in the referendum campaign had insisted there would be no need for visa-like travel schemes after Brexit, The Telegraph reported.

He added: "An Esta still takes time and costs money and is something people have to repeat."

Goodwill replied: "We are at a very early stage of the EU potential scheme and we will see how that develops. British people are now used to the US Esta scheme and, therefore, we view with interest how the European scheme might develop and what similarities, and differences, there may be to the US scheme. In principle, this type of scheme is generally there to help enhance security. To get to know as much as possible about the people who are intending to travel. It isn’t just flights, it could be people using ferries, or other border crossings into the European Union. It is important that as we negotiate with our EU friends, that we can get the best possible deal, and we need to take account of developments such as this that they may be working on."


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mina / Hace over 4 years

of course this will be the same for anyone entering the UK.


Frank / Hace over 4 years

This is the inevitable result of brexit foolishness. Brits will still go to Spain and other E.U. countries but it will (and should) cost a lot more.


Stephen / Hace over 4 years

The so called esta/visa style passport app. Can work both ways so if you Spanish passport holder this will apply to you coming to the UK I HOPE


John Parkinson / Hace over 4 years

Will pay happily,however it's about time UK started with a tourist tax,beginning with mallorca.When this big success then expand to rest of EU. Definitely all Must have health insurance,same as we do when visiting Mallorca.If no insurance designate say 3 hospitals in UK where they will have to travel to ,get in line and wait. Perhaps they forget WE are doing them a favour by spending our money on their island


Steve / Hace over 4 years

That's ok we'll do the same only charge more introduce a tourist tax if they are lnjured or ILL get the credit card first or let them suffer , SO YOU GET THE PICTURE WE PAY ,YOU PAY EVEN MORE ? It shows what a bunch of retards run the eu and that's why it's bankrupt and collapsing it also shows they can't run without the uk , we don't need lettuce but you need us to buy your cars so think on !,