J.A.P.J., given twelve years and nine months for murder. | Alejandro Sepulveda


A man accused of murdering another man in a shack in Son Rapinya has admitted to what happened in April 2015 and has accepted a sentence of twelve years and nine months.

The trial of J.A.P.J. heard that the accused lived in a tent and the victim in a nearby shanty. There was a discussion between the two which became ever more heated - it was over money and food. Both, he explained, were "very drunk".

He took a knife that was on top of a dog kennel and stabbed the victim, who then went into his shack and took off his trousers. The accused said that he tried to help the victim, who turned away because he didn't want to be helped. He explained that he then thought the victim was dead and covered him with a persiana shutter, believing that this would hide him.

He also removed a backpack. This was stained with blood from the victim, and it proved to be vital evidence for the police, as also were recordings from security cameras.

The prosecution initially called for a fifteen-year sentence and the payment of 124,621 euros compensation to the dead man's daughter. Having accepted twelve years, the jury now has to decide on compensation.

The victim, it was explained, bled profusely. He died of multiple-organ failure and the death, said the prosecution, was "slow and agonising". The accused, who had a criminal record, has been in jail since April 2015 awaiting the trial.