José Ramón Bauzá presented his candidacy for PP president yesterday. | Teresa Ayuga

The former president of the Balearics, José Ramón Bauzá, yesterday presented 1,100 guarantees of support for his campaign to regain the presidency of the Partido Popular in the Balearics. Ninety guarantees were required, and both Bauzá and his rival for the presidency, former agriculture and environment minister Biel Company, were well over this; Company has 2,088.

The signatures were delivered to the party's headquarters in Palma. Bauzá was accompanied by Aina Aguiló, who recently announced she was a candidate for the presidency and almost immediately decided that she wouldn't be and would back Bauzá instead. There were also some former supporters of Jaume Bauça, an ex-mayor of Montuiri and someone else who had announced his candidacy. He has since decided to back Company.

Other support for Company includes the current parliamentary spokesperson, Marga Prohens, and Antoni Gómez, who was Bauzá's right-hand man when he was Balearic president.

Bauzá is stressing the need for party unity and says that there will be unification and integration with the other candidate once the regional congress is held. This will be later this month and will be when the election of the new president is held.

Although he is making references to unity, the differences between Bauzá and Company are great. Company was one of the main figures in the party who rebelled against Bauzá following the disastrous regional election result in 2015.