Angel Flukes. | Humphrey Carter


What began as a hobby for 28-year-old Angel Flukes has now turned into a full-time professional career. Plymouth-born Angel grew up to the sound of music, her father was a singer in a rock band and, according to Angel, she has been singing as long as she can remember.

"My father taught me how to sing and as a child I was always into amateur dramatics, school plays, all that kind of stuff," she told the Bulletin this week in the glorious sunshine of Palmanova where she now lives a double life because Angel is a superstar in Germany after winning Germany’s Got Talent last December, but just a local girl in Majorca.

She impressed the judges and five million viewers across Germany to win the title, with her rendition of Celine Dion’s Think Twice and is now in huge demand in Germany. Angel became the first British and female winner of the talent show in the decade it has been on air.

The talented singer triumphed over acrobats, roller skating dancers, two singers, a contortionist and a puppet, singing John Lennon’s hit Imagine. Judge Dieter Bohlen told her: "You’re not just an angel, you look like you’re an angel ... world class." Fellow judge Victoria Swarovski dubbed her performance ‘breathtaking.’

"I love living here, I came to Majorca to work a summer season in 2010 and stayed. During that time my dad came over, sat me down and asked my what I wanted to do with my life, what was the plan? I said I wanted to get seriously into music, so he lent me some money to get the equipment and I began performing in the local bars and restaurants on the island, mainly in Calvia and that really helped build up my confidence," Angel said.

But her road to stardom has not been a smooth one, she has had some bumps along the way.

"When I was just 17 I auditioned for the X Factor and made it to boot camp as part of Louis Walsh’s team, but that was as far as I got. So the following year, I entered again and didn’t even get past the producers. I didn’t even make it to the judges auditions and that really knocked my confidence. I didn’t want to sing again, I just gave up. It wasn’t until I came out to Majorca that I decided to give it another shot.

"So, I began singing again after that conversation with my dad and one of the bars I performed in, Krumselstadl in Paguera, were so impressed that they offered to pay for me to go to Germany to audition for their version of the X-Factor. So off I went and I won the Golden CD with my audition, similar to the golden buzzer in the UK, which is a direct pass to boot camp. It was amazing and off I went with top German singer Vanessa Mai to Jamaica for four weeks. When we returned, the judges had to reduce the singers to the final ten. I made the final 12 - according to the judges I was ‘too perfect’, and there was a huge public outcry, by that time, little did I know, I had amassed a huge fan base in Germany, so I couldn’t give up.

"I stayed in Germany and auditioned for Germany’s Got Talent and again, I was given a golden pass to the final with my version of Leona Lewis’s wonderful song Run. Having performed Run, which is a big song and needs a big voice, I had to follow that up, or go one better so I opted for the Celine Dion number. I couldn’t suddenly come out on stage doing a pop Michael Jackson song or something like that, I had my fans and I didn’t want to let them down and on 17 December last year, I was crowned the champion. It was amazing, a dream come true. Something after the let down after the X -Factor I never thought would happen."

One thing is for sure; she has not let all the fame go to her head.

"What I want to do now is work on becoming an international star, I want a number one, preferably in the UK. I was offered a recording contract by Sony to sing German songs, but after a long hard think I turned it down.

"I decided that, firstly, I wanted to sing in my mother tongue, which is English - the international language of the industry. Secondly, didn’t want to get labelled as a German singer. When was the last time you heard an international German number one? 99 Red Balloons, right?

"During my time on the programmes, I had a week with a vocal coach and that really helped me. I’m able to reach notes that I didn’t know existed or were possible to reach, so I’ve broadened my range. That said, after having done the big ballads in Germany - that’s what I’m famous for, I guess I’m a bit of a diva singer, big songs, big voice - but deep down I’m a Motown girl, that’s what I love, although I listen to all kinds of music, right across the range.

"There is a band I’m really into now and they are called Post Modern Juke Box and what they do are takes on modern hits, Rihanna for example, and flip them into a 50s style, they’re great. Right now, I’ve spent two days in the recording studio with Willi Meyer laying down a few tracks which I have co-written. I guess they are pop ballads, but that is what I want to do right now, although I have to find the time, because the past six months have been crazy with me jetting back and forth to Germany nearly every weekend to perform concerts or at weddings and private events and parties.

"The press coverage after I won was amazing and I still have a huge fan base over there. I was there the other weekend for a special kids concert, a party with no alcohol thing and when I came out on stage, they were all screaming and crying, fighting to touch me, it was overwhelming and of course, my dad is so proud, especially as I managed to pay him back the money he lent me to get me started..

"Things have quietened down a bit now, I guess all the hype only lasts for about six months after winning a show like that so you’ve got to make the most of it, but I’m not complaining, I’ve still got plenty of bookings in Germany, people wanting to pay to fly me over and all that, but I’ve got more time now to concentrate on what I want to do, the music I really want to write and play and hitting the international market..

"This summer I’m going to be back performing in Paguera, but only once a week, I used to be doing ten gigs a week, I’ve got to look after my voice and I’m doing it because I owe them big time. On 26 March I will be performing with the Willi Meyer show at the Aquarium and then on 25 April at Romeo’s bar in Andratx for a charity event for Feliz Animal. I’m a huge dog lover. I’ve got three rescue dogs and I’ll do anything to help animal charities."

The secret to her success? Positive thinking and you certainly need that if you want to be singer after having been partially deaf until the age of five. And on 27 September, she has probably got the biggest gig to date - her marriage to fiancé Lee - but she will not be singing at her own wedding. Well, she might sing her favourite song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow.