Soller attracts thousands for the Moors and Christians. It also attracts those with other interests. | Miquel A. Cañellas


Soller town hall is calling for help from the national government's delegation in controlling the May Firó celebrations.

Last year the town hall introduced a limit on the number of people in the square during the climax of the Moors and Christians battle. It was a measure, says the councillor for fiestas Laura Celià, which worked well. However, it didn't work that well. Problems with drinking and behaviour were transferred elsewhere, including areas which were not municipal responsibility.

The issue that the town hall really faces is the party that runs in parallel to the battle re-enactment. People go to Soller to drink and take drugs rather than to the traditional fiesta. The local security board therefore wants the delegation, which has responsibility for security issues, to help with the introduction of further measures. Celiá hopes that these can eradicate street-drinking parties and the drug-taking.

These would include drink-driving controls at the tunnel before and after the fiesta and at any other road points considered necessary. The DJ party that follows the battle is likely to be scrapped, as it brings in people who are interested only in this and not the traditional events.

There are plans for the local police and Guardia Civil to patrol peripheral areas and for restricting coaches which bring people for reasons other than the traditional fiesta. The limit on numbers in the square will apply again this year.