Álvaro Gijón (left) on his way to the court yesterday. | Pere Bota


Partido Popular member of parliament Álvaro Gijón announced yesterday that he has no intention of resigning. He was speaking after a court appearance in Palma during which he was questioned about alleged irregularities with the contract for the ORA car-parking system.

"I've not done anything," he insisted. "I am innocent. I'm not going to resign for any reason because I have done absolutely nothing of what I am being accused." It was the second time that he had been called to appear by Judge Manuel Penalva as part of the ongoing investigation into Palma police corruption and municipal contracts.

Gijón added that there are four parliament deputies who are currently implicated in cases, one of them being from Podemos, which has asked him to resign. He said that a protected witness who has accused him of having received more than a million euros in relation to the ORA contract was lying.

He presented the judge with seven documents that challenge the testimony of the protected witness. He also produced a further 23 documents which were to do with the investigation into allegations of showing favour to Grupo Cursach companies.

Witnesses have linked Gijón to Cursach, but the PP deputy said: "It is totally false. I do not know Sr. Cursach. I have never sat down with him, and no one from the Cursach group has ever come to me in order to ask for something. I have done absolutely nothing to benefit the Cursach group."