The Tramuntana mountains lack a clear management plan. | Joan Taberner


Environmentalists GOB have criticised the management of the Tramuntana mountains, describing it as deficient.

It is ten years since the mountain range was declared a nature park by the regional government. While GOB concedes that it is the finest protected natural area in the Balearics, it argues that the mountains should be made a priority by the environment ministry. The group says that the Tramuntana is home to "spectacular landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity" and that the government's declaration was in response to demands from conservation organisations to give it the necessary protection.

GOB argues that there is no team which specifically manages the mountains. The management structure was dismantled by the previous government and what exists now is inadequate for providing the minimum of conservation. Personnel deal with administrative procedures and the management of public fincas but do nothing for the general management of the mountains.

There is no overall plan which sets out lines of management responsibility, but these are essential for meeting objectives. Moreover, there is a lack of coordination between local authorities. While the environment ministry has responsibility for management, other authorities have important roles to play - town halls in respect of urban planning matters and the Council of Majorca, which was the driving force behind obtaining the Unesco World Heritage Site declaration.

Because there are insufficient agents from the environment ministry, monitoring compliance with regulations is inadequate, GOB maintains. It is as it what was under the last government.