Oops. No one was hurt when the gas truck slid and turned over. | Bombers de Mallorca - Majorca Fire Service


Two butane gas delivery men in Soller got the shock of their lives yesterday but fortunately escaped in time to tell the tale.

The two delivery men had as usual stopped at the bar Can Luis for a coffee and a snack - they left the truck in the usual spot in the car park on an embankment. However, little did they know was that the recent heavy rains had weakened the embankment. No sooner had they climbed back in to the cab at 9am, the truck, carrying a full load of butane gas bottles, slowly started to slide as the ground below gave way.

Fortunately, it began to slide slowly enough for the two delivery men to leap to safety, but there was nothing they could have done to have stopped the truck from sliding down the embankment and coming to a halt upside down with scores of butane gas bottles all over the empty plot into which the truck had slid.

According to firefighters who attended the scene, the recent heavy rains were to blame for weakening the ground. Fire chiefs also said that the butane gas bottles posed no danger and fortunately nobody had been injured during the incident.

The bottles were collected and taken away before the truck was lifted by crane.