Antoni Noguera explaining his proposal for a holiday rentals' ban.


Antoni Noguera, Palma's deputy mayor for the model of the city, is to seek approval from his partners in the town hall administration for a ban on holiday rentals in apartment buildings this summer. The ban would apply throughout the city and include Playa de Palma.

Although Noguera spoke yesterday about a ban on all such rentals, it may well be that he is pre-empting the holiday rentals' legislation that is expected to be introduced by June. If a ban is introduced in the city, then Palma would be excluded from having apartments which could be legally registered for holiday rental. He adds that he wishes to see this ban extended to subsequent seasons, though when he says this, he surely can't be thinking only of the summer.

Noguera, who is due to succeed José Hila as mayor in June, has acted on a study by his department into housing needs. In order to ensure access to decent housing, the ban on holiday rentals will be applied. Owners will be liable to fines of up to 40,000 euros. The town has already been contact with the tourism ministry to discuss a strengthening of inspection.

Noguera denies that he is "invading the responsibilities" of the tourism ministry, an accusation levelled by the Aptur holiday rentals association. It has attacked him for having joined the "anti-tourism sector" and it reminds Noguera that apartments can be legally rented out under the tenancy act (so long as they are not promoted as being for holiday/tourist purposes and do not offer services). Aptur wants to know how Noguera intends getting round this.