Patrol in Punta Ballena in Magalluf. | Michels


A Palma court has sentenced a Briton to two years for stabbing a fellow Briton. He has also been ordered to pay the victim 1,500 euros compensation because of injuries caused.

The prosecution service had sought a five-year term for what occurred in September last year in Magalluf. There was a confrontation between two groups of British tourists at a club along Punta Ballena. The victim explained that he and his friends had wanted to avoid any incident with the other group and so left and went in search of a taxi. He was then taken by surprise and attacked from behind. The knife that was used entered the lumbar area by the ribs. He was rushed to Son Espases and was fortunate that no vital organ had been affected.

Security guards at the club were able to get hold of the aggressor and keep him until a local police patrol arrived. He was subsequently taken to a court where he refused to make a statement. He was ordered to prison, which is where he has been since the incident happened.