Fanny Tur with the other cabinet members. But might two of them be forced out? | Joan Torres


In front of all the members of the cabinet, the new Balearic minister for culture, participation and sport, Fanny Tur, yesterday performed the official act of ministerial appointment. President Armengol described Tur as a "determined" woman with demonstrable management ability.

Tur, from Ibiza, has replaced Ruth Mateu, who resigned as minister for transparency, culture and sport as a consequence of the contracts affair which has affected Més. The transparency portfolio has been moved to the department of the presidency.

At the ceremony, Armengol also gave words of remembrance for Carme Chacón, the former minister of defence and a leading member of PSOE, who died on Sunday, aged 46. Chacón had at one time appeared to be a potential leader of PSOE.

While this change in the cabinet's make-up was being confirmed, Marga Prohens, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Partido Popular and now also the party's vice-president, said that the only possible remodelling of the government required the "immediate dismissal" of both Biel Barceló and Vicenç Vidal. Both ministers, at tourism and environment, are involved in the contracts affair. Prohens added that the bandages have been applied but that it is a "scalpel" which is really needed.

Podemos are also considering calling for Barceló's head, and that of environment minister Vicenç Vidal. They will wait and what the two have to say for themselves when they speak in parliament.