Calvia coastline

Clean up by volunteers.


Palma.—Last year, Calvia Council carried out five major coastal cleanup operations and yesterday reported that a total of 1,010 kilos of waste was pulled out of the sea.
The operations were all part of the council’s drive to preserve, protect and improve its coastline and that also includes plans to expand its existing marine reserves and the renaturalisation of the Magalluf marina which will involve large landscaped areas being created.
This year, the clean up operation is to be extended with special attention being paid to Port Adriano and Isurus.
All of the operations have been helped by volunteers, such as the Red Cross and Palma Diving and they all come under the umbrella of the Clean Up Europe campaign.
On land, leaflets in various languages were, and will be, handed out to holiday makers alerting them to need to help to keep the beaches and the coastline clean and to use the special ashtrays  on the beaches.
The council has teamed up with the Council of Majorca to take part in a European project called Med Blue Islands which is a study of the environmental and ecological impact tourists have and how that footprint can be reduced.
Torá beach in Paguera is going to be the focus of the three year study.
A series of lectures are also going to be given at schools in the area to increase the awareness of local children, and their parents, of the need to care for the coast.


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Trevor Brassey / Hace over 4 years

Isn't this what the Tourist Tax was meant for! Not the kind generosity of the invaluable volunteers. There will always be dirty people who litter our planet, torture our animals for fun and who do not know how to treat the environment.


J.Mac / Hace over 4 years

I have seen the boats come in let every body off, then clean the boat and tip it all in the sea.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

A lot of rubbish and worse is dumped by boats,you need to keep an eye on them and impose substantial fines on those boats caught dumping anything into the sea.