Santa Ponsa was busy over the Easter holidays. | Archive


The Easter holiday period has been a good one for hoteliers in Calvia's main resorts, and early-season occupancy levels appear to confirm the excellent prospects for later in the season.

Sebastián Darder of the Palmanova-Magalluf hoteliers says that occupancy has been 80% (79.18% to be precise), with 54% of hotels open, a significantly higher proportion than Easter last year. The president of the hoteliers' association points to the notable increase in the number of Spanish tourists; this increase has been greater than that for the UK market. He attributes the rise in domestic tourism to Imserso holidaymakers, who have made a positive contribution. Once all hotels open from the start of May, he doesn't expect occupancy to dip below 80%.

The non-hotel sector is also happy. Pepe Tirado of the Acotur tourist businesses' association says that "things have gone very well" in Palmanova. In Magalluf, there have also been positive results, albeit not as strong as those for Palmanova. Tirado suggests that performance in Magalluf would have been better had there been more hotels open. "Businesses are in the hotels' slipstream and suffer if the hotels stay shut." Nevertheless, with all hotels due to open shortly, he anticipates there being an excellent year. "Let's hope that the forecasts are right." Of hotels that haven't yet opened, many are still undergoing renovations.

In Santa Ponsa, the hoteliers' president, Antonio Roses, echoes what is being said in Palmanova and Magalluf. Easter has been very positive, with 90% of hotels open and occupancy having been around 70%. This has been achieved, he notes, without offers having been made; standard rates have applied. In contrast to Palmanova and Magalluf, he says that tourism has been predominantly British.