The town hall will hope to avoid there being a poor image because of waste. | Pedro Aguiló Mora


Calvia 2000, which is the municipal company responsible for services, has brought forward daily paper and cardboard rubbish collection and has stepped up other waste services and street cleaning.

The earlier tourist season has meant that in March, for example, there was 9% increase in waste, with the amount of cardboard up to 10%. In resort front line and adjacent areas, daily collection therefore started on 17 April. Last year, it was introduced from 2 May. One of the general rubbish collection routes that didn't start until 30 May in 2016 also began on 17 April. Street cleaning, including scrubbing, has been put into immediate effect.

This increased activity has involved the hiring of 68 people, and this coming week the selection process for a further 60 will start.

Special police patrols have noted an increase in the amount of boxes and paper that has been dumped away from the points where it is collected, at the wrong times and without being bound. Therefore, the local police will be paying particular attention to paper waste in the areas of resorts adjacent to the front lines.

The aim, naturally enough, is to prevent a poor image being conveyed. Fines can range from 901 euros to a massive 301,000 euros (for very serious infringements). There are even higher in the case of hazardous waste - up to 1.75 million euros.

There are to be information meetings in Magalluf, Paguera and Santa Ponsa between 24 and 27 April, and four associations - for Calvia bars and restaurants, Acotur for tourist businesses, a Majorcan one for bars and restaurants, and Abone for nightlife establishments - will be distributing information regarding waste management regulations.