Mayor Miquel Àngel March arriving at court in April. | Elena Ballestero


The legal action against Pollensa's mayor, Miquel Àngel March, which claimed malfeasance related to the Gelats Valls ice-cream kiosk in Puerto Pollensa, has been dropped.

March had been denounced for allowing the Valls family to continue the kiosk's business without there being a public tender. The same charge was made against March's predecessor, Tomeu Cifre Ochogavia, and members of the then ruling administration at Pollensa town hall for what was the final authorisation to allow the Valls family to continue. This was a decision taken in May 2015 shortly before the municipal elections. The new administration under March was left with no option but to order the ultimate eviction of the kiosk, though the business did continue during the 2016 season.

It was alleged by the complainants, on behalf of the café next to the kiosk, that the town hall had favoured the Valls business. March, Cifre and the other councillors all appeared before a court in Inca last month and made statements to the investigating judge.

Reacting to the withdrawal of the lawsuit, March said that in his opinion it was without foundation.