Around a hundred officers in all were involved in this morning's raids. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A major drugs operation by the Guardia Civil has resulted in the arrest of at least twenty people suspected of drug trafficking. The operation started at six on Wednesday morning and involved around one hundred Guardia officers, who raided some fourteen addresses in Palma, Algaida and Sineu but in particular in Soller. A helicopter and dogs were also used in the operation.

The operation was commanded by the Guardia's organised crime and drugs squad in Palma, with the centre of the operation having been in Soller. A bar and a club in Puerto Soller were sealed off as a result of the raids. It is suggested that the timing of the operation may be linked to the fiestas in Soller and in particular the "Firó" on Monday. The Moors and Christians' re-enactment has become the excuse in recent years for drinking and drug-taking and the large influx of young people interested only in partying and not with the traditional events. Special police controls for drugs and drink during the Firó were announced some weeks ago.

In Palma, raids were carried out in the Son Gotleu and Corea neighbourhoods. Addresses targeted were ones allegedly used for island-wide distribution. The drugs seized during the operation at the different addresses were principally cocaine and marijuana. A substantial amount of cash was also seized.