Arnau Cañellas with Julia Fernández, a tax inspector. | Joan Torres


The Balearic delegation of the national Tax Agency is planning a major campaign of inspection and control of holiday rentals. This is to be coordinated with the Balearic Tax Agency, the national office of fraud investigation and the regional tourism ministry.

Arnau Cañellas, the delegate in the Balearics, says that the number of site inspections will treble from 300 to 900 and be undertaken between June and September. There will be 44 tax inspectors to carry out these visits which will focus on a control of estate agencies offering all types of rental and on following up complaints that are received regarding the rental of apartments. The agency, he adds, want to "eradicate the fraud which exists with holiday rentals".

The national fraud office will play a key role in this campaign by checking on websites in order to detect possible irregularities. "The office will forward information to us about properties being illegally commercialised via these websites. We will act accordingly. We want there to be zero fraud. Hence, this exhaustive campaign will be undertaken over four months in Majorca and the other islands."

The worst case for an owner who doesn't declare income, Cañellas points out, would be the payment of the tax that has been defrauded (i.e. not paid), plus interest and plus also a fine which corresponds with the specific case.