Photos of properties from other websites were used. | Joan M.M.


The National Police have arrested ten people suspected of a scam involving false holiday rentals' adverts on the internet. These were principally in the Balearics and the Canaries, and the fraud is estimated to have been worth more than half a million euros.

It is believed that more than 300 people have been affected. The police have checked through bank accounts in Valencia, which were opened using false documentation, and found bank transfers from various countries.

The investigation originated in Valencia where police suspected certain Romanian nationals of having opened bank accounts under false names. The police had discovered an organisation that was operating a number of websites for holiday rentals. Clients made contact via email and paid the whole amount or a part of it.

Once the money was received, it was withdrawn from ATMs at different bank branches and transferred out of Spain through money transfer companies and internet bank transfers or by taking the money personally to Romania.

The victims of the fraud were not aware of it until they arrived and realised that they had been conned. No one met them and there were no properties. The ones that were advertised had been photos of properties on the internet. Prices were lower than usual in order to attract clients.