Maria Salom, in the light jacket, at the anniversary celebration for the Guardia Civil.

29-05-2017Delegación del Gobierno

The national government delegate in the Balearics, Maria Salom, and the chief colonel of the Guardia Civil in the Balearics, Jaume Barceló, yesterday attended a ceremony to mark the 173rd anniversary of the founding of the force.

Salom praised the Guardia Civil for always being at the service of all Spaniards and attending to their problems and their needs. Having completed six months as the government delegate, she said that she was now a privileged observer of the force. "You are always willing to offer your hand, your shoulder to those most in need. To help the victims of accidents or simply to protect us from those who ignore the most basic norms of coexistence."

She stressed the Guardia's specialisations and the force's continuous training through workshops. One of these in recent months has been on the consequences of mental illness. Others have been on improving the control of products imported to the Balearics and - on an international level - on combating illegal immigration with the aim of combating mafias. "You are always there. The Guardia Civil is at the front."

The delegate considered the policing of safety for major sports events, the mountain rescues in the Tramuntana, and also specialist rescue, such as that of the Majorcan speleologist who had been trapped in underwater caves in Manacor.

"You do not hesitate to risk your lives to save us," she said in referring particularly to "terrorist barbarism". She dedicated a special memory to those who have lost their lives in serving Spain and allowing the country to enjoy the level of security that it has today.


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