Majorca's hoteliers have met with British consulate officials to discuss the false claims.


Two Britons have been arrested by the Guardia Civil and charged with inciting UK holidaymakers into lodging false compensation claims for sickness.

An investigation was started by the Guardia Civil in Pollensa and it has resulted in the first arrests made in Majorca for this type of incitement to commit a crime: false claims are illegal in both Spain and the UK.

The arrests were made in Alcudia. Last week, the Bulletin reported that two British women, who had been seen outside large all-inclusive complexes in Puerto Alcudia, were also witnessed approaching tourists outside a chemist's shop. They were informing tourists (British ones) about how to make claims, compensation for which would typically cover the cost of a holiday.

The two people detained by the Guardia Civil are believed to have been acting on behalf of so-called claims farmers in the UK, which actively seek to encourage holidaymakers to make false claims. A recent IB3 programme in Majorca revealed that these "representatives" earn commissions of one hundred pounds per claim.

The Guardia Civil have become aware of certain individuals operating in resorts in Majorca. The fact is that they aren't difficult to spot, and hotels (and others) are being encouraged to denounce them to police and the prosecution service.

The investigation remains open. The Guardia are suggesting that more arrests could be made, and they are particularly interested in those leading the scam operation.


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jeff.cooper / Hace over 4 years

yes I accept some of these claims are probably false but what about the other side of the coin we are pensioners and last year my wife had food poisoning and we had to pay 90 euros for the injection plus a further 30 euros at the chemist and our insurance will not pay the first 150 euros in my opinion the hotel food caused the problem and they should of payed for the doctors bill


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

This practice is a blight on the holiday industry - what we need are some high-profile rock-solid prosecutions. Insurance premiums are going up alarmingly so it needs sorting as soon as possible.


Peter1 / Hace over 4 years

I would force them to eat the dreadful food at an all-inclusive hotel, that will stop them in their tracks!


Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Rumour has it that everyone they walked past they asked "All rite luv ?".


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

It might prove difficult to prove that these two women were inciting people to make FALSE CLAIMS or if they were just advising how to make a claim for genuine sickness,there is a difference. And,yes,anyone making or inciting the making of false claims should be prosecuted but it might be hard to prove that that is what THEY WERE DOING.