One way to stop drinking: close the bars. This was when there was a strike in 2012. | Teresa Ayuga


The police union (SPP) in the Balearics has attacked what it calls the "permissiveness" of alcohol consumption at airports and on Balearic flights. It is expressing "deep concern" about repeated and daily incidents of assaults and fights at airports.

The union says that it is unwilling to endanger police officers purely because of the financial interests of the airport authority Aena and airlines. It draws attention to several fights in recent days and in particular injuries to two police officers who were attacked by drunken British passengers.

Jose Maria Manso, president of the SPP in the Balearics, points out that smoking is prohibited because it is harmful to health and yet airport drunkenness is accepted despite the serious harm for the safety of everyone. He is calling for there to be total respect of regulations and for controls on the sale of alcohol, especially to passengers who are under "the responsibility of airport management".

The union ultimately argues that there should be no consumption of alcohol at airports or on flights.