Scarlett Sweeney in Vampirika.


Scarlett Sweeney is 23 and from England. She hadn't been to Majorca before but is one of the sexy dancers in the new Son Amar show, Vampirika. Her role is that of a woman who seduces and dominates. Her impressive physique enchants the adult audience at possibly the most erotic and elegant show currently being staged in Majorca.

She works out at the gym daily. "I put in a lot of time in looking after my body. It's something that I like and since I discovered dancing it's something about which I'm passionate."

In fact, she has only been dancing professionally for two years. "I was going to be a journalist, a profession I had always fancied. Who knows? I might go back to it. I only started dancing as a hobby. But here I am."

A woman almost perfect as a model, especially when photographed, she could surely be a cover girl. Stylish, daring, Scarlett reaches for perfection in her objective of infatuation through erotic body language. "I like to do things well, so it doesn't matter to me that I work hard to get better. Dancing makes me happy."

Before coming to the island, she was dancing in a show on a cruise ship. "It was a really nice experience. The audience was quite different and quieter.

Personally, Scarlett is unlike her stage character. She has no partner at present. Between smiles she suggests that she is unsure if the ideal man exists. In private, and so different to the character, she lets the man rule.

The world of fashion is one of her passions. "Yes, it could be said that I'm addicted to shopping. I like to go shopping, but because I have such little time I buy a lot online. I have a lot of clothes that still have their labels on. As for food, my favourite dish is Caesar salad with chicken." And when she goes out, she opts for places with a good range of DJs.