Not much drinking going on here (Punta Ballena). | Michel's

President Armengol told parliament yesterday that drunken tourism is "very much in the minority" in the Balearics. She said that the government is working on short-term measures to combat this behaviour. One is an increase in inspections of and punishments for establishments which supply alcohol illegally; another is more police control in the main tourist areas.

She stressed the need for coordination between national and regional authorities, highlighting the regional tourism ministry's request for restrictions on the sale of alcohol on aircraft. In the longer term, she pointed to government efforts to encourage businesses in resorts to offer greater quality: Magalluf was mentioned specifically.

Future modification of the tourism law as it applies to all-inclusive hotels, she noted, will contribute to the necessary improvements required to reduce tourist anti-social behaviour.

Jaume Font of El Pi had pressed Armengol in wanting to know what plans the government had for dealing with the proliferation of fights and "intolerable" beach binges. He said that much of the problem lay with cheap all-inclusive. His party is generally pro-holiday rentals, and Font said that rather than attaching blame to tourists who rent accommodation and spend up to 100 euros a day, the focus should be on those who pay 30 to 35 euros for all-inclusive.