Queuing for passport control on Wednesday morning.


Police chiefs and unions have reached agreement for increasing the number of officers at Palma airport. The additional officers are being drafted in to deal with the long queues that can form at passport control.

Maria Salom, the national government's delegate, visited the airport on Thursday. It is said that this visit has led to the agreement. The queues, caused by vast numbers of British passengers, tend to be at their worst in the morning and early afternoon.

Initially, officers will be transferred. More officers will be brought in shortly. The police unions say that this will mean that in the near future there won't be the queues that there have been recently. The passport control operation will be speeded up, though the unions add that some queuing is inevitable, given the number of flights to and from the UK that are scheduled around the same time.

The transport federation has also spoken to Salom about the queues, which affect coach operations.

While it is being said that Salom's visit has brought about the agreement, unions had complained that when she visited, there were instructions for more officers to be deployed at passport control. They also claim that there have been orders to be more "flexible" in speeding things up, implying that proper passport checks haven't always been made.

Meanwhile, the number of boarding pass scanners at the airport has been increased to twenty. In addition, the roller belts for scanning hand luggage have been lengthened and the whole area leading to the scanners and security has been increased. The airports authority Aena says that these developments will make the process quicker and more convenient.