061 had to attend to people who had been fighting as well as to the youngsters who had drunk to excess.

Eight children, aged between 12 and 14, were treated this morning for alcoholic poisoning at a night party in the Establiments district of Palma. None of the cases were serious enough to require hospital treatment, although there are conflicting reports about this.

The residents' association tweeted at just after half two this morning that the party had been stopped. In addition to the drinking, there were a number of fights: the 061 emergency ambulance service says that no one suffered any serious injury.

The residents have also taken to Twitter to send messages to Angelica Pastor, the Palma councillor for public safety, the mayor, Antoni Noguera, the former mayor, José Hila, and to Palma police. One of these messages says that police didn't show up despite residents having called to warn about problems at the party.