Queuing for the Cathedral ticket office. | Joan Torres


Palma police have reported that on Friday they arrested a tourist for shaking a ticket-office clerk at the Cathedral. The female tourist, said to be American but a resident of Toronto, became enraged because the clerk (also a woman) couldn't speak English properly.

The incident occurred at three in the afternoon on Friday. The tourist said to the clerk that her English wasn't correct and that as she was working with the public she should be more competent in the language. Security personnel arrived and barred the tourist from entering the Cathedral. Then came the police, and the woman continued to insult the clerk and act in a hostile manner.

After more than forty minutes, the police officers asked the woman to leave. She refused to do so and insisted that she should be allowed into the Cathedral in the company of a security guard or police officer. She was arrested for disobeying a police order and for injury.