Car parks in Formentor are illegal.

10-09-2013Elena Ballestero

Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, Pollensa's councillor for urban planning, told Thursday's council meeting that car parks in Formentor do not have business activity or opening licences. They are, therefore, "not adjusted to legality": illegal, in other words.

Despite this, the town hall doesn't intend taking any action this year. The car parks will be able to operate as they have for many summers. Cifre said that the situation is similar to that which existed with car parks in Campos for Es Trenc beach. He was responding to questions from the Alternativa per Pollença, which has long denounced the situation.

Cifre added that the shuttle bus service for Formentor from Puerto Pollensa will be introduced in time for the 2018 season. At the same time, access by private car is to be restricted in Formentor.


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Jan Amtrup / Hace over 4 years

@ Sheila: on the MA2200, the last 2 km from Eroski city to the Football stadium, there are parking lanes on both sides. Gives in my estimate at least p-spaces for + 1.000 cars, and they are never in use.

When this is said, I am not pro this solution. I think it should be possible to drive from P.pollensa on the Formentor road. Lots of brilliant spots. Maybe from P.pollensa there could be a 5 Euro payment to acces the road, paid only by car rentals. Or something...


Steve Kane / Hace over 4 years

If it is a hotel then it should be run as such and not rely on Tourists for its main income ie car park charges if it illegal then its illegal and those that have been charged should have the money back


sheila / Hace over 4 years

How will the Hotel Formentor survive without the vast amount of income from the car parks? The proposed bus should run from the car park to the lighthouse. If the bus is to run from Puerto Pollensa,where are the thousands of cars to be parked in that town?