Tourists arriving at the airport in May were faced with a sudden stoppage by taxi drivers. | M. Joy


Taxi drivers at Palma airport have grown tired of what they say are failures by the government and town hall in dealing with pirate transport operators. Consequently, they are threatening to take another stand against these pirates.

According to Biel Moragues, the president of the self-employed drivers' union, transport ministry inspectors aren't there when these pirates appear and nor are Palma police officers. "The pirates have returned to the arrivals area and are operating with absolute impunity."

Some form of protest had been considered last weekend, but the appearance of inspectors quietened the tension. But Moragues says that measures such as a phone for reporting pirates have not been implemented. "There is no telephone or anything. It's not as if it's a matter of having to call the minister or the director general for transport."

The government, he argues, isn't fulfilling its promises, while the town hall only sends police at peak times. "The government issued a decree and only complied with it for a fortnight. Right now, there are three pirate companies that are openly operating." Moragues wants greater diligence from the government now that the airport is experiencing its busiest period of the season.

As to the type of action the taxi drivers might take, Moragues says that there is no intention for there to be the type of stoppage which occurred earlier in the season. He hasn't specified what the action might be but is clear that there needs to be an end to the pirate operators.