In Majorca, there are at present 14,800 holiday rental properties, e.g. villas but most certainly not apartments, which are legally registered with and licensed by the tourism ministry. There won't be any more for at least twelve months, the time that has been allocated for the Council of Majorca and town halls to determine and agree zones for any new legal holiday rentals.

Although the government's decree that has sorted out the mess regarding apartments in the holiday rentals' legislation will not be ratified by parliament until next month, the ministry is already getting down to business in addressing illegal rentals.

One way in which it will do this is via an online facility for residents to denounce owners who are renting out apartments. These reports cannot be anonymous because the law doesn't permit anonymity in this instance. There is also to be an app which can be used to find out if a rental property is legal or not.

From this coming Tuesday, coinciding with the official publication of the decree, ministry inspectors will be following what is said to be a  straightforward procedure. Rentals will be considered to be for tourism purposes if they are for fewer than thirty days. It will be up to owners to prove that they are not. Checks will be made with property registers and as to the existence of a licence number (or not).

The email address to report suspected illegal rentals is bustiainspeccioturisme@dgoturis.caib.es. On receipt, inspectors will open a file on the case and determine if the rental is illegal or not.