Arran, who have proposed measures for changing the model of tourism.


Arran Països Catalans, behind the wave of recent anti-tourism protests, wish to change the current model of tourism. In order to so, they are advocating the expropriation of hotels, marinas, retail centres and theme parks.

On their blog, Arran have proposed various other measures. These are: the immediate cessation of business activity licences for hotels and business linked to tourism; an improvement in working conditions; increases in tourism sector taxes; the immediate prohibition of business activity related to apartment holiday rentals; the regulation of the property market in order to guarantee a right to decent housing.

The group insists that the main tourism business and activities should be "expropriated". It mentions certain establishments in Barcelona and also identifies the PortAventura theme park and holiday complex in Salou. In Majorca, it believes that private marinas such as Port Adriano should not be allowed to exist and to fill the pockets of certain businesses.

The measures, according to Arran, will address the "chaotic and unjust" situation caused by a free tourism market, especially with regard to housing and jobs. Arran conclude that they are not against tourists or tourism, adding that they themselves are tourists.

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Barry / Hace over 4 years

Just exchanged option on my property I'm Majorca. Spent fortunes living here over the last ten years. Sad but things are going to get worse. Whole world beckons.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

So Arran reckon that an established tourist industry following market forces can be deconstructed then replaced by some bog-eyed system that will only run to their own political views. It's that sort of thinking that leads to disaster and in its extreme form to dictatorship. If you can't get what you want through the process of democracy then what you want needs re-assessing.


Steve Kane / Hace over 4 years

If as they say they are not against tourist then why the stickers on hire cars and the attack on tourist buses. Please will some one talk some sense into these guys I spend on average 500 euros per week in local business i stay for 2 weeks 3 times a year their are millions like me who spend that kind of money do they seriously want us all to stop coming to the Island????


Geoff / Hace over 4 years

Michel. Just to clarify, I moved to Mallorca three years ago, I do not derive my income from the tourist trade and to be quite honest, I would be happy if Mallorca had no tourists but that is not the case. I had a spirited discussion with a friend of mine who works for the government. I lay the blame at the hands of the government, she lays the blame at the feet of the hotels and big tour operators who she claims almost blackmail the powers to be by threatening to take their customers elsewhere unless they get what they want. We both agreed that it is not the fault of the tourist. When I book a holiday, I have to confess that I have never ever thought about how my visit is going to impose on the residents of that particular place. I have decided not to visit places but purely for selfish reasons; too cold at that time of the year, too hot, too many people but never how it will impact on the locals. The same is true of restaurants. I would never go to a busy restaurant on a Friday night, not because I do not want to overwork and stress out the employees but because I do not want the personal aggravation of being in a crowded restaurant. Tourists decide to come to Mallorca for a variety of reasons. They do so in good faith. They see their visit as a 'bonus' for the economy, not as a nuisance to the locals. Absolutely we have a problem. The island simply cannot sustain the numbers of people who are coming here but again, where does the fault lie? With the tour operators, the airlines, the cruise lines and the hotels? Quite possibly. How about the government who has allowed the bright lights of 'tax revenue' to blind them? Absolutely. With the tourist? Absolutely not. If we are going to hit the nail on the head, let's make sure it is the right nail.


Michel / Hace over 4 years

Geoff, Mike and John, you are all living proof of the problem, thanks for your comments


Geoff / Hace over 4 years

As a writer, I hate to judge any book by its cover but looking at this group, one wonders if the combined IQ would reach 100. If this is the future, we are seriously in trouble. I also wonder if they work and if they do where they work. Perhaps in an industry that relies on tourism?


Mike L / Hace over 4 years

These foolish acts need to be stopped as quickly as possible, amongst other things they will steer tourism from this beautiful island. I wonder if they actually work themselves?


John P / Hace over 4 years

Massive demo,all of the 10 people.Back to school for them soon.Concentrate on decent ,affordable housing ,stop bashing tourists,who,admit, it keep the island going.You will be surprised how many tourists will support you on a fair policy for housing.