The Balearic government wants tourists to behave themselves.

A second meeting has been held to consider issues related to increased tourist numbers. Bringing together the regional government, security forces, town halls, business associations and tour operators, the meeting on Friday focused on tourist behaviour. The main outcome of the meeting is that there will be a campaign to promote responsible tourism and to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The meeting was chaired by the tourism director-general, Pilar Carbonell. She said that the campaign will be rolled out at international tourism fairs over the autumn and winter. It will be launched in October. She explained that objectives will be to improve the image of the Balearics as a tourist destination and to emphasise the value placed on coexistence and responsible attitudes. A further objective is to "modify" the behaviour and perceptions of some tourists,

"We have to get rid of the idea that anything goes, as this is not the case. Tourists have to accept that when they come here they behave in a civil and responsible manner, just as they would behave in their own countries," Carbonell stressed.

There were representatives of 22 entities at the meeting. Among them were Palma, Calvia, Llucmajor and Sant Antoni (Ibiza) town halls, the Guardia Civil, National Police and local police forces.