The Balearic government wants tourists to behave themselves.


A second meeting has been held to consider issues related to increased tourist numbers. Bringing together the regional government, security forces, town halls, business associations and tour operators, the meeting on Friday focused on tourist behaviour. The main outcome of the meeting is that there will be a campaign to promote responsible tourism and to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The meeting was chaired by the tourism director-general, Pilar Carbonell. She said that the campaign will be rolled out at international tourism fairs over the autumn and winter. It will be launched in October. She explained that objectives will be to improve the image of the Balearics as a tourist destination and to emphasise the value placed on coexistence and responsible attitudes. A further objective is to "modify" the behaviour and perceptions of some tourists,

"We have to get rid of the idea that anything goes, as this is not the case. Tourists have to accept that when they come here they behave in a civil and responsible manner, just as they would behave in their own countries," Carbonell stressed.

There were representatives of 22 entities at the meeting. Among them were Palma, Calvia, Llucmajor and Sant Antoni (Ibiza) town halls, the Guardia Civil, National Police and local police forces.

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Michael Robert Burden / Hace over 4 years

I must confess that I misbehaved on holiday in Majorca last year, because when I went on a boat trip to Sa Dragonera I disobeyed the "do not feed the lizards" signs there and fed a few breadcrumbs to a few lizards.


Carol wright / Hace over 4 years

Anti social behavior is the black prostitutes beating up tourists and stealing their wallets and phones which calvia council dont seem to care about. Some young people i know witnessex a young man being beaten by four female prostitutes near his hotel they robbed him and left him bleeding why why cant the police or the council stop this? They know where they hang out. Its stopping tourists coming to mallorca


Phill Lyth / Hace over 4 years

If people are arrested for drinking too much, or have been fighting or indulging in antisocial acts they should be banged up in prison for the remainder of their holiday. Then put on the plane after their passport has been stamped NOT ALLOWED IN SPAIN. They can appeal the decision after five years. This will stop them.


Nick magaluf wright / Hace over 4 years

I agree with what the council is saying in part but surely they need to address the ongoing issue of prostitution in the resorts not just magalluf. I have been a visitor to the island since 1994 and been approached once by the prostitutes very scary. They need to clean up their own backyard first. Yes i know there are idiots who come over with the intention to get "wrecked" every night which spoils it for other people. All the meetings the council have and only a minority of actions seem to get the go ahead. Mallorca is a beatiful island which rely's a lot on tourism therefore a plan of action needs to be implemented to control the few.


Les / Hace over 4 years

I agree with what the Government is trying to achieve, but they need to look at the reasons people get in the state they do. Fine the bars and shops that sell the cheap booze, stop the happy hour that last all day and night in some places, make the Hotels charge a standard rate rather than the cheap knock down rates they charge to draw them in, I can't get a Hotel anywhere on the Island for the price these people pay, also stop room sharing, where 2/3 book a Hotel room and then a few mates drop by having travelled privately by the cheap airlines. If the traders break the laws, then suspend their trading licence for a month or two.If you are going to tackle a problem then go in hard and fast, not pussy-footing around talking about 'what can we do'. The way some of the local people are acting against Tourists it wont be long before they drive us holidaymakers away, thus stopping the problems and once they stop visiting the Island you will never get them back.


John P / Hace over 4 years

Do the politicians get paid per meeting because it seems they have a meeting to discuss a meeting,then avoid making a decision and have another meeting.No problem with rules to make the island better for all,tourists and locals but can the incompetent politicians and police enforce any rules without getting permission from others?


Geoff / Hace over 4 years

I know people hate rules and regulations and especially fining people but experience has taught me that the vast majority of people who 'behave badly' will not change if you ask them nicely. In fact they become very aggressive and angry. Usual symptoms from somebody who knows they are in the wrong. The problem here in Mallorca is that there are no clear signs that tell people what is not acceptable. The new signs at the beach (a cocktail glass that has a broken line through it) is supposed to say no glassware (bottles or glasses) on the beach but there is no text that goes along with it so the sign is ambiguous and can be interpreted anyway you want to. There are no signs saying 'Do not drink on the street, on the beach etc.' and while many will disagree, people always push the boundaries and need to be told what the parameters are. Yes that means signs that are not subject to individual interpretation. The only people who may be offended by them are the ones who intend to break them but then again, do we want these people here anyway. At the same token, the vast majority of people I have met who 'behave badly' are locals so lets not once again pin all the blame on the 'tourist scapegoat'. Like it or not, society needs rules and regulations. They need to be clear, concise and visible. We all share this world and therefore we all have to act responsibly. Those that do not want to do this should be punished and punished in a way that will make them think three or four times before they do it again.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Unfortunately,far too many tourists behave abroad exactly as they do in the UK,and it's not only the 18 to 30's.