Residents object to the Taxitour cabs, which park while clients take a look around. | Archive


The conflict between taxi drivers and residents in the immediate area by Palma Cathedral seemed to have been resolved months ago. But it is still ongoing and both sides blame the town hall.

The taxi drivers are unhappy because the councillor for transport, Joan Ferrer, has not mediated or found an alternative parking area for the Taxitour service. Their lawyer says that there have been numerous requests for a meeting with Ferrer but that there has been no reply.

The residents are complaining because a court ruling of the end of last year has not been acted on. This was a provisional ruling that was meant to have stopped taxis parking in the calle Mirador. According to residents, taxis park there every day and the local police haven't issued a single fine.

Luis Clar, who speaks for the residents, acknowledges that the taxi driver's legal representative has been in touch and suggested a meeting. The residents, he adds, are open to listening to proposals, but they haven't heard more. The lawyer explains that this is because he hasn't heard anything from Ferrer.

The residents insist that they will not accept any solution which means a loss of parking places. The president of the self-employed taxi drivers, Biel Moragues, believes that it is possible to arrive at a solution and to agree on an alternative to the calle Mirador. Nevertheless, he believes that the whole controversy is designed by the residents to ensure that the town hall lets them park in Mirador and that the taxis are being used as a means of achieving this objective.