Spain's most expensive house is on Alcudia bay. | Idealista


According to the property website Idealista, the most expensive house in Spain is on the bay of Alcudia. An Italian-style mansion, it's valued at 57.5 million euros, occupies 3,500 square metres and has a mortgage rate of 147,539 euros per month.

Of the top ten most expensive properties, four of them are in Majorca. In third place on the list is a seventeeth-century traditional country house in Puigpunyent. Valued at 26.5 million euros, it has ten bedrooms. In fourth spot is the Sa Muntanya estate in Puerto Andratx. Priced at 24.5 million, it has its own heliport and eight rooms. The actual property has a size of 1,294 square metres but the total area of the estate is 100,000 square metres.

Another house in Andratx shares eighth position with two others in being valued at 17 million euros. One of these two in Marbella, where there are three more in the top ten, including Spain's second most expensive property - a luxury villa valued at 27 million. The remaining two in the top ten are in Barcelona and Madrid.

Regions of Spain where prices are at their most modest are La Rioja and Navarre. The most expensive properties are respectively 2.5 million and 2.9 million. The Canary Islands, by contrast to Majorca and the Balearics, can only stretch to ten million euros.