One of the bars that has been closed down. | Michel's


Calvia town hall month started the procedure to close six establishments on Punta Ballena in Magalluf that were illegally engaged in prostitution.

The six - Apple, Bar Kandi, Bar Touch, Jagger's, Opps and Red Rooms - were operating in breach of their licences. They were given time to present submissions against closure, which have been rejected. The town hall has therefore ordered their immediate closure. If the order is not complied with, the town hall will force it to be and seal the premises. In addition, the licences for operating as bars or cafes will be rescinded.

The town hall had received a number of complaints from residents about nighttime noise and also about prostitution. The latter raised concerns about public safety, especially as there are children living in the area.

The local police mounted an investigation. They found that bar interiors had been altered in order to accommodate beds and facilities that had nothing to do with the licences under which the bars were operating. Clients were interviewed, and they confirmed suspicions that the bars were functioning as brothels.