Drunken tourism. Don't blame us, say the shops. | M. Joy


The Pimeco retail business association has asked Calvia town hall to withdraw its new bylaw on the display of alcoholic drinks. Retailers affected by this - they can't have displays outside shops - are wanting the withdrawal at least until a comprehensive plan against "tourism excesses" is drawn up.

Pimeco claims that approximately 71% of admissions for the effects of alcohol at Son Espases Hospital relate to guests at all-inclusive hotels. A far lower percentage relates to drinking in bars and clubs, while only two per cent from Calvia are the result of alcohol bought in shops.

The association says that the purpose of the bylaw is to get rid of the so-called tourism of excesses. The town hall, though, has made a wrong diagnosis, given that shops seemingly contribute so little to the problem.

"The measure will not solve the problem. Moreover, it focuses responsibility for the problem on businesses which are only a secondary factor." Pimeco wants a comprehensive plan for dealing with drunken tourism that is based on all factors.