Three cars were hit by a lorry on the road into Alcudia. | Alejandro Sepulveda


Two men and one woman were killed yesterday morning when a lorry hit three cars on the MA-13 road between Alcudia and the end of the motorway at Sa Pobla.

The incident occurred at around ten minutes past eleven near to the Son Siurana agrotourism estate. It would seem that the lorry, belonging to the Cemex cement company, was crossing into the other lane. The driver has been arrested and faces a charge of manslaughter. He tested negative for both alcohol and drugs.

Six other people were injured, including a thirteen-year-old girl, who is said to be in a critical condition.

The dead woman, 28 years old, was Spanish. The two men were Colombian and a German aged 53. The first car that the lorry collided with was driven by the Spanish woman. The Colombian man was a passenger. Another woman and a boy aged six were also in the car; their injuries are light. The German man was in the second car. His wife is seriously injured and it is their daughter who is in a critical condition. A man and woman in the third car were only slightly injured.