The Blue Flag is down at Palma's Can Pere Antoni beach. | Jaume Morey

The Blue Flag at Can Pere Antoni beach in Palma has been temporarily removed. Adeac, the environmental and consumer education association which is in charge of the Blue Flags in Spain, withdrew the flag after there were complaints about fragments of partially burned plastic. These are apparently related to development work at the port.

The town hall says that Adeac's decision was because of a breach of one of the Blue Flag criteria. This has to do with industrial discharge. In all other ways the quality of the sea water continues to be "excellent".

Adeac says that the flag will be raised again once the problem is solved. Inspections are to be made to assess the situation. The town hall, not responsible for the plastic, has been thanked by Adeac for its efforts in removing the waste. The beach cleaning service has been picking up the plastic fragments at the beach.

Meanwhile, the town hall's ecology department has been collecting samples of the waste and will send a report to the department for waste at the regional ministry for the environment, agriculture and fisheries. The prosecution service will also be sent the report and decide if proceedings should be initiated. The town hall stresses that it wants to get to the bottom of the problem and is therefore working closely with Adeac, the ministry and the prosecutor in order to do just that.