Lifeguards in Playa de Muro, who had problems with a surfer.


Lifeguards at the Capellans part of the beach in Playa de Muro were subjected to insults and threats on Tuesday by two surfers.

A woman with a board was inside the zone reserved for swimming and was posing a risk to swimmers. The lifeguards asked her to leave the zone but she ignored them. They made repeated further attempts and finally she left the water. On the beach, now with her partner, the insults started to fly. The lifeguards were "jerks". They should "get a proper job". The sea, they said, belonged to everyone, and the lifeguards had better not f*** their day up.

The team leader advised the lifeguards to not get into any further discussion and to continue with their duties. But the two surfers pursued them, still shouting insults and threats. The head of the rescue service arrived and informed the two that surfing was prohibited in the swimming zone. He was told "to get out of here" or proceedings would be taken against him.

The town hall's beach security coordinator was called and police presence was requested. Muro police officers turned up, and the surfers categorically denied having been in a prohibited zone. The lifeguards were then told: "I'm from a family of lawyers, and I'm going to hound you. You're going to lose your jobs or I'll see you in court, don't you worry."

The police have submitted a report to the harbour master. A fine of up to 3,000 euros could be levied.