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The government is reviewing the water resources plan. There is to be a six-month consultation process during which there will be a suspension in the concession of new wells from overexploited water sources.

The environment minister, Vicenç Vidal, said yesterday that there are thirty overexploited sources. Only 26% of these are in a good condition. A further 29% are at risk, and others will need managing for up to fifteen years in order to improve them.

There were will be exceptions for the opening of new wells, such as for the use in tackling fires or for urban supply if there is no other source. In addition to the general suspension, no new catchment systems for irrigating sports areas of more than three hectares will be allowed for the next six months.

Under the water resources plan, almost 57% of water will be for urban supply. For agriculture there is 16.5% and for "isolated buildings" (basically, development in rural settings) there is 15%. The rest is for golf courses (4.2%), parks and gardens (4.1%) and industrial use (3.3%).

Among control mechanisms, the drought plan is to be incorporated into the overall water resources plan and there are to be reserves of water sources considered to provide a "key ecological function", such as the Fonts Ufanes in Campanet for supply to Albufera.