Flight noise is said to be "unbearable". | Archive


While a debate arose last week over night flights at the airport, what about flight noise in general? The Palma federation of residents associations says that the noise from flights is "unbearable". Its president, Joan Forteza, points to an increase in air traffic this summer and to there being on average a flight every 54 seconds. (This, it should be noted, isn't of course the situation during the night.)

He argues that the number of flights and the noise are affecting people's health. The greatest problems, he observes, are in Coll d'en Rabassa and Sant Jordi, and they could be ameliorated if more homes were soundproofed.

Forteza maintains that Aena's measurements for determining the need for soundproofing are not correct. There is a metering station, he notes, at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and it is next to air-conditioning apparatus which distorts the measures.

The residents association in Coll d'en Rabassa has hired its own company to take measurements, and these are to be taken at Cala Gamba. This association wants Aena to take its measurements at the same place as there aren't other noises that can distort the results.

Forteza believes that different measures will prove the need for more soundproofing. Aena's plan for this envisages 1,347 properties being eligible. In July last year, the airports authority had completed work for 779 properties. The residents federation reckons that the number of eligible properties would treble. Aena says that it is meeting all requirements that are currently in force.