Rubbish was cleared up, but it keeps accumulating because of the town hall and government standoff. | A. Pol


The Tramuntana's World Heritage Site status is threatened because of the amount of rubbish at the Torrent de Pareis, Sa Calobra.

Icomos, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, advises Unesco on world heritage sites. Angel Morillas from Icomos has been to Sa Calobra and seen the waste for himself. He says he's ashamed to see a mountain of garbage close to the Unesco board. "They either solve the problem or the certification could be reviewed," he warned.

The problem needs to be solved by Escorca town hall and the regional government. Morillas adds that the rubbish has been an issue since March. Since then, thousands have people have visited and seen the rubbish. "It's a total disgrace." He notes that rubbish was cleaned up earlier this month but that it has now accumulated again.

Morillas took an active role in obtaining the Unesco declaration (it was made in 2011). For him the Unesco poster at the torrent is confusing. People look at it and then look at the rubbish. "In that state it's neither national nor local heritage." "If a complaint is made by members of Icomos to the World Heritage committee, it can decide if the heritage status is endangered."