Getting the message across in Catalan.


Three organisations - Endavant-OSAN, Arran and Joves del GOB - have placed banners by six beaches which draw attention to the increased number of tourist places in Majorca. Slogans include: "435,707 places is sustainable tourism? Decrease for a decent life!". The banners form part of the campaign Sovereignty, Rights and Self-Determination.

The three say that reducing the unsustainable number of tourist places is the only way to tackle "massification". They point to recent figures which indicate that the current number of places on the island is 333,165, although 50,557 are being processed on account of the non-existence of a moratorium. These numbers, they add, are incompatible with a rational and sustainable use of resources and infrastructure.

Majorca, they go on, is one of the places in the world with the highest proportion of tourist-habitants, which leads to greater saturation of roads and beaches and and increase in pollution levels. Meanwhile, working conditions in the tourism sector are not improving, as is the case, for example, with the hotel chambermaids.

They stress the need for a model that ensures a decent life for the people of Majorca. "It is time to end the exclusive dependence on tourism and take steps towards a 'productive system' with people as the priority and not growth at any price."

The beaches with the banners: Portals Nous, Sa Ràpita, Magalluf, Can Pastilla, Palmanova and Cala Major.