Getting the message across in Catalan.


Three organisations - Endavant-OSAN, Arran and Joves del GOB - have placed banners by six beaches which draw attention to the increased number of tourist places in Majorca. Slogans include: "435,707 places is sustainable tourism? Decrease for a decent life!". The banners form part of the campaign Sovereignty, Rights and Self-Determination.

The three say that reducing the unsustainable number of tourist places is the only way to tackle "massification". They point to recent figures which indicate that the current number of places on the island is 333,165, although 50,557 are being processed on account of the non-existence of a moratorium. These numbers, they add, are incompatible with a rational and sustainable use of resources and infrastructure.

Majorca, they go on, is one of the places in the world with the highest proportion of tourist-habitants, which leads to greater saturation of roads and beaches and and increase in pollution levels. Meanwhile, working conditions in the tourism sector are not improving, as is the case, for example, with the hotel chambermaids.

They stress the need for a model that ensures a decent life for the people of Majorca. "It is time to end the exclusive dependence on tourism and take steps towards a 'productive system' with people as the priority and not growth at any price."

The beaches with the banners: Portals Nous, Sa Ràpita, Magalluf, Can Pastilla, Palmanova and Cala Major.


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Barry / Hace over 4 years

Complete the sale of my property at the end of the month. You have your wish I'm off.


Adriaan / Hace over 4 years

I am curious how our dear Croats will solve mass-tourism. I have a suspicion the Gorans and Mladens at the lovely Croatian coastal towns will not use banners and confetti. It will be quite a spectacle. Have a nice holiday in Croatia, folks. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Sandra / Hace over 4 years

If the government continues with increasing tourism tax these protesters will get their way, people will not be forced into paying the tax and will look else where, and without tourism it is likely Mallorca and the lovely people of Mallorca will suffer by losing jobs and income


Adriaan / Hace over 4 years

Reading all the comments, it looks like the youngsters are succeeding. A lot less tourists next year, nice! I can agree with some of your remarks, but most of you are using a philanthrophic dress to hide they are misanthropic to the bone. Naked people, who thinks that money can buy everything. Red in the face from the sun or from the shame?


Bill4121 / Hace over 4 years

I am grateful for these youngsters pointing out the error of our ways. After 30 + years of 2/3 two week holidays each year in Puerto Alcudia/ Pollensa area our extended family of 18 plus friends have all decided to book a holiday together in Croatia next year. Everyone says how friendly and welcoming the Croats are - it will be a welcome change. Very pleased to be able to help these wise young people out. Now that we are coming out of the EU we will not be contributing to their unemployment benefit.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

What are these people proposing as an alternative to the tourism to which they object? Does the roof above their head and the food in their bellies and the clothes upon their back come from some magical place to which only they have access? If so, please share it with the rest of us. Or, if there is no such place of magic, prepare for poverty.


Geoff / Hace over 4 years

Imagine going to a fruit seller and being told that he only sells apples. That is the mistake Mallorca made many, many years ago. They got lazy and placed their total dependence on tourism. Sure just as the fruit seller sells different types of apples, Mallorca appeals to different types of tourists (cyclists etc.) but anybody who knows anything about business will tell you that putting all your apples in one basket is not a good idea. Forget all the negative tourism slogans, all it would take is a 'major' event here to send all the tourists elsewhere and then what? We need to diversify and soon because that does not happen overnight. Other places have done it and done it successfully. Was this not the whole idea behind that monstrosity of a Convention Centre?


Les / Hace over 4 years

Maybe these 'agitators' have a valid point and cause to complain about, but by directing there anger at us Tourists they will only achieve one thing, people starting to look at other destinations for their summer vacations. There are already enough trouble spots in the world where we can't or don't want to go, through terrorism etc without adding lovely Majorca to that list because of 'agitators' . Like others on here I too wonder how many of these 'agitators' families work or have worked in the Tourist Industry, not just Hotels but the whole of the industry, drivers delivering goods to shops,hotels,bars, restaurants, all the staff involved, then the cleaners, council workers that clean beaches,streets and emptying litter bins, Gardeners keeping those flowers looking lovely, Im sure many more i've missed. Lose tourists and many of those people will be out of work and no where to live. So yes regulate tourism through the Government and NOT please through driving us tourist away and never to return to the beautiful shores and people....of Majorca!


John p / Hace over 4 years

The children will be back at school soon.No doubt to study tourism.Wonder if any of their family work in tourism?


Jason / Hace over 4 years

We are heading for a recession brought by some backward youth and an even more backward government, it's already gone deadly quiet and it's still August !