Clive Jackson of Victor. | Humphrey Carter


Five years ago, in the wake of the grounding of the daily British Midland flight from Heathrow to Palma, leading British businessman and Puerto Andratx home owner, Clive Jackson, decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I really didn’t fancy the idea of travelling on no frills carriers and the more I spoke to people I realised a large number of part-time residents, visitors and business people felt the same, so I decided to take some action."

After a series of presentations and market research events here in Majorca and in London, he managed to raise the funds to launch Victor. Over the past five years, Victor has taken on the world of private jet charter to make comparing, booking and managing your flights simpler and quicker than ever before.

As the technology leader in private jet charter, Victor is the only provider to offer an end-to-end charter booking on both web and mobile and its exceptional customer service means its members are always connected and in control.

Unlike other providers, Victor is the only service to disclose operator and aircraft details, offering customers total transparency and complete financial protection with no upfront commitments. Its ISO9001 standards and highly trained staff ensure consistency of service and professionalism in everything they do.

Victor has set the new benchmark in private jet charter and the company is confident its quotes will not be beaten. With bases now in London, New York and Santa Barbara, Victor is a transatlantic business soon to expand in to the Middle and Far East.

For the past twenty years, Clive, a serial entrepreneur, has been at the very forefront of the digital revolution, developing innovative web services for luxury brands, financial services, technology and media. The special online booking platform Victor has developed is being looked at by leading brands and companies from around then world.

"We’re high tech and high touch. And it’s working. Over the past five years we’ve posted growth figures of 946 per cent and next month (September) we have a very big announcement to make.

"We’re the number one online digital booking platform in the UK and are moving more transactions that any other jet charter firm. It’s our instant ability to be flexible and highly competitively priced which has helped us take the market by storm. Not only in the UK and Europe but also in the United States. I am not going to name names, but we cater for leading rock stars, G8 politicians and the likes of Hillary Clinton.

"I have a great team. Some 100 people now work for Victor and as founder and CEO, my job is to raise capital to take the company forward, take care of expanding into new markets. The rest I leave to the board and experts.

"We have over 1,000 dedicated signed up members and access to over 7,000 planes. From small Citation Mustangs for four people, which is one of the most popular, to Airbuses and super luxury liners which can fly transatlantic. And business to the Balearics has been good, it always is. Victor traffic to Ibiza is up 400 per cent this year and Palma around 350, and these are all Victor clients.

"There are some companies where you pay a membership fee and have an allotted number of flights between certain destinations, but we are a bespoke outfit which will respond on demand to whatever the clients need, even if they want to fly the dog."