Like everywhere else, the fiestas in Felanitx are normally happy affairs. | Pere Bota


On Tuesday morning in Felanitx, an eighteen-year-old woman was beaten up by a group of four men aged between eighteen and twenty. This occurred at around five o'clock as the final night party for the Sant Agustí fiestas was drawing to a close.

The woman had gone to her car which was parked by a supermarket. She and her three friends had travelled from Palma to the event in Felanitx. It would seem that there had been an earlier incident when one of the women was touched on her buttocks.

The victim of the assault was struck repeatedly about the head. One of her friends came to her help. She was knocked down, and as the men ran off, one shouted: "F*** you." The women were referred to as "palmesanas", i.e. women from Palma.

She was taken to Son Espases Hospital. The examination confirmed several bruises but no fracture. She gave a report to the National Police in Palma, which has since been sent to the Guardia Civil in Felanitx.

The four men are said to all be around 1.75 metres tall with spiky hair that has been shaved at the sides. One was wearing a dark Adidas t-shirt. Another had a maroon t-shirt.

This incident follows others that have involved sexual aggression towards women at fiestas this year. At the Soller Firó in May, for example, a 36-year-old man was arrested and detained. It is also against the background of a campaign designed to stop sexual assaults in general and at fiestas in particular.