The daughter and mother arrested on Tuesday in Bendinat. | Alejandro Sepulveda

The organised plot to defraud hotels in Majorca through false claims by British holidaymakers for food poisoning or gastric complaints used an "army of tiqueteros" who would approach holidaymakers and offer them "free holidays". They were told that they could get between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds compensation plus the cost of their stay at the hotel. For each holidaymaker who made a claim, there was a commission of 50 pounds.

Six people were arrested by the Guardia Civil on Tuesday. The two main accused, who were arrested at a Bendinat mansion, are well known among the British community in Calvia and have business interests in bars. They have categorically denied that they are responsible for the plot.

A mother and daughter, they and the other detainees will be in court this morning.

The national government's delegate, Maria Salom, and the colonel in chief of the Guardia Civil, Jaime Barceló, will be holding a press conference to explain the details of the operation.