Will German tourism be affected by the tourist tax? | Teresa Ayuga


The German travel magazine FVW* has quoted the views of tour operators about the increase in tourist tax for 2018.

Peter Fankhauser, the CEO of Thomas Cook, has reiterated his views that were highlighted in the Bulletin immediately after the doubling of the tourist tax rate was announced. He is especially concerned that families will look elsewhere for their holidays. Other destinations may be more competitive. Although children of sixteen and under are exempt from the tax, the family holiday is already costly enough.

Tui agree that the tax rise could mean a competitive disadvantage for Majorca and the Balearics. Holidaymakers compare prices very closely and they often choose places where they have "more for less". The tourist tax increase sends out the wrong signal, in Tui's opinion.

Alltours point to the fact that hotels have also raised their prices - it certainly isn't only UK holidaymakers who are facing price rises in 2018. Alltours believe that there could be a significant drop in the number of tourists in 2018.

FTI say that doubling the tax is "unreasonable". Only DER Touristik seem to be concerned. The company says that it hasn't noticed any impact as yet because of the tourist tax increase.

* www.fvw.com.