It can do the shop around, but Majorcan supermarkets are more expensive than in most of Spain. | Archive

The annual report by the Organisation of Consumers and Users finds that Palma is one of the most expensive Spanish cities for supermarket shopping and that the Balearics is one of the most expensive regions. This isn't, however, a new discovery; the finding is the same every year.

The organisation has looked at prices for 233 products in more than 1,100 supermarkets across Spain - the actual shops and their websites as well. The report concludes that in the cheapest parts of the country (and in the cheapest supermarkets) there can be an annual saving of as much as 909 euros. It calculates that the average household spends 4,783 euros per annum on food.

Over a base score of 100, the Balearic average in terms of supermarket cost is 123, among the highest in the country. Parts of Catalonia rival the Balearics, while the cheapest places include Vigo and Ciudad Real.

For the purposes of the report, the prices of seventeen supermarkets were studied; these supermarkets were all in Palma with the exception of Al Campo, which is in Marratxi.

The cheapest, with a rating of 110, was Mercadona in the calle Aragó. The most expensive (134) was Aprop in calle Nuredduna.